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 Welcome to Motor Dynamics LTD. 

Energy Efficiency Evaluations - Data Collection and Analysis - Automatic Voltage Regulation with Unity Power Factor - Power Quality Consulting - LED & LEP Lighting Fixtures Electric Motor Dynamic Testing & Predictive Maintenance

(MDL) Motor Dynamics, LTD specializes in identifying and implementing projects that improve energy efficiency, improve system operation, and reduce operating costs in industrial and commercial facilities. These projects range in scope from several thousands of dollars to several million dollars.

(MDL) Motor Dynamics, LTD uses Advanced Data Collection & Analysis - using Empath Diagnostics, Nexus Power Quality Meters & Historical Database, to report existing facility inefficiencies. We can also implement an ongoing Preventive Maintenance program that can save thousands of dollars in energy costs and will improve uptime and increase your equipment's useful life.

Motor Dynamics, LTD (MDL) has offices in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, Peterborough Cambridgeshire, England, Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas, West Indies and the Caribbean.

(MDL) Motor Dynamics, LTD has been
providing professional engineering and project development services for utility, industrial and commercial clients for several years, in numerous countries around the world. Our engineers have identified, developed, and implemented thousands of lighting, HVAC, and process energy conservation projects.

Although energy savings is a large / primary impetus or incentive of our work, we also provide HVAC system diagnostic analysis and remedial design services to alleviate operating deficiencies.

Automatic Voltage Regulation to within 1 volt. Balancing of all three phases. Energy conservation of up to 8%. Asset protection for all electrical devices which will extend their useful life!
Electric motor efficiency evaluation and predictive maintenance programs. Motor integrity checks along with bearing and other mechanical checks, such as gearboxes and pumps.
Power quality control, flicker elimination, unity power factor, harmonic mitigation, sub cycle response. Increased capacity by reducing reactive current being drawn from the utility!
Real time power quality data collected. In depth reports and analysis of all data collected. Utility revenue grade metering. Capture events that damage your plants equipment. Asset protection!

MDL was founded on several characteristics including: high-quality, multi-disciplinary, responsive, reputable, and cost-effective. These services are provided with an aggressive, responsive philosophy to meet specific client needs in a timely manner. The results have been satisfied clients, repeat business, and excellent references.  

Residential energy savings made easy, click here watch this 4 minute video to learn how to save 5-15% on your monthly electric bill!

MDL is now a distributor for EcoView

Residential power meter for homeowners to monitor their monthly electric consumption.  Regular price is $99, $50 discount while supplies last.  Click here to watch video.
Radiant Barrier   $.25 cents per sq ft                  
Residential heat barrier for attics of homeowners to reduce heat loss and heat gain. Easy and simple to install by the homeowner. Energy savings of 10-25% on heating and cooling. Normal price is $1.00 per sq ft, on sale for only .25 cents per sq ft.  Click here to watch video.
Ecoview Energy Management system Less than $5000 and minimum savings of $500 per month
Commercial energy management system for buildings up to 15,000 sq ft.  KFC & Wendy's have seen more than 15% reduction in their cooling costs.  Perfect and economical way to control energy costs for restaurants.   
Click here to watch video.

Motor Dynamics, LTD is an Intellidyne Distributor.
Goodlettsville, Tennessee /  Peter borough, Cambridgeshire England / Nassau, New Providence Bahamas / 
West Indies / Caribbean

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