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 Competitive Advantages 

Other business efforts in our industry have evolved around the development and application of unique technological innovations. These efforts have, on occasion, been met with success as the introduction of the new technology yields results not previously attainable. There are inherent risks in maintaining this business model.  New technological innovations must continue to be developed to supplant the inevitable advances made by competitors as the general public applies their own efforts over time. Also, the protection of proprietary technologies can prove difficult and expensive.

(MDL) Motor Dynamics LTD takes a position that avoids this typical situation by adopting a stance of best-of-breed product utilization. Our stock in trade is the strength and depth of knowledge and expertise in the selection and application of the entire product line. Instead of focusing on placing a good product with a client, we focus on what problems the client has and choosing from all available solutions for the best fit.

Our differentiation in the market can be promoted in terms of:

• Technical Expertise – depth and breadth
• Comprehensive Product Selection and Competitive Pricing
• Verification – we can prove savings in easy-to-understand terms
• Availability of Needed Technical Resources
• Systems for Information Communication and Distribution
• Electrical engineering services and design

Any energy savings initiative must be measured and verified to demonstrate cost savings to a skeptical client base. (MDL) Motor Dynamics LTD utilizes real-time, utility-grade measurement and verification techniques to document the monetary value to the client’s bottom line. This is something that most competitors will not or cannot do. All MDL installations provide a separate verification for each product installed. 

Additionally, our solutions provide real and tangible benefits to our clients, including:

• Improves clients bottom line
• Is the most technically advanced available
• Extends the useful life of our clients assets
• Provides short payback of less than 3 years
• Incorporates easily into our clients facilities
• Replaces inefficient electrical devices
• Improves the environment
• Improves quality control for our clients
• Requires very little maintenance, if any

Motor Dynamics, LTD is an Intellidyne Distributor.
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