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MDL has a unique approach to energy conservation by stressing asset protection first and foremost. MDL has found that the best way to protect industrial or commercial client’s assets is through discovery of exactly how that particular piece of equipment fits into the larger picture of the whole facility and its effectiveness or efficiency while conducting its work. The more efficient the electrical equipment, the less stress it will see, therefore it will have a more productive and longer life.  MDL has several techniques developed over a period of years that makes the company stand out amongst company’s that just sell light fixtures, motor controls, capacitors or other stand alone energy conservation equipment on the market today.  These companies depend on the end user properly integrating the equipment into their facility to obtain increased efficiency levels.  In some cases that is possible, for example with high efficiency electric motors. However, with lighting retrofits, the end user may improperly place and size the lighting causing lower light levels and shadows.This approach can stop an energy program dead in its tracks. MDL does not sell you all the pieces, such as a jigsaw puzzle, and hope you properly interlock all the pieces to obtain the final picture/goal. Below is a chronological order of the innovative procedures incorporated into each power quality study done by MDL’s technicians.

• Study of Last 12 months electric bills
• Testing/Study of incoming utility-supplied power
• Testing/Study of outgoing power from service entry
• Testing/Study of distribution network within the facility
• Testing/Study of each lighting panel
• Testing/Study of each major electric load
• Computer modeling of each load to determine what improvement in efficiency can be obtained
• Close attention paid to paybacks and ROI on all equipment selected to improve efficiency
• Confirmation that efficiency has been achieved by showing before and after consumption levels
• Making sure that all equipment works together for overall improvement
• Training provided to end users on how to maintain highest efficiency levels possible
• Ongoing predictive maintenance programs provided to maximize equipment life & efficiencies

Through ongoing service programs with our clients, MDL is able to expose potential areas of inefficiencies, propose a corrective measure, and then evaluate the effectiveness of the corrective measure. For example, an electric motor having an in-depth dynamic test conducted will expose many things:
• Power Factor
• Current imbalance
• Voltage imbalance
• Over voltage
• Under voltage
• Motor load
• Rotor bar health
• Stator health
• Dynamic eccentricity
• Static eccentricity
• Stator mechanical health
• Harmonic distortion
• Misalignment indications
• Bearing condition

MDL takes each of these areas that are tested and will evaluate what affect each have on the overall operation of the motor.  Each area listed above if not optimized will affect the efficiency as well as the life of the motor. When corrective measures are taken efficiency will be improved and life will be extended. Below is an example of how each area listed above can affect efficiency and life of the motor.

• When power factor is below 85 our test will indicate that issue. When properly corrected this will improve efficiency and reduce motor winding temperatures. Heat is loss and when corrected savings are achieved!
• Current imbalances of more than 2% greatly affect the efficiency and life of the motor. Corrective measures will be taken to improve this deficiency by looking at the voltage supplied.
• Voltage imbalances of 1% create a 4-5% current imbalance, so when you have a voltage imbalance of 3%, you will see greater than a 10% current imbalance and the motor should be stopped before catastrophic damage occurs.
• Over and under voltages destroy the motor and cause it to consume more energy than when it has proper voltages.  Proper steps should be taken immediately.
• Motor loads when not at least 70% loaded create inefficiencies. When overloaded shorten the motor life.  Huge savings can be obtained from either situation.
• Rotor bar health is checked to determine if motor has hot spots and potential broken bars will cause catastrophic damage. Usually when this is discovered, unless the motor is a very large horsepower, it should be replaced not repaired.  You should replace with a high efficiency motor.
• Harmonic distortion caused mainly by variable frequency drives will shorten the life of the motor dramatically.  Will increase heat in motor and stress on the windings. Caution should be taken when applying these drives to improve efficiencies.
• Misalignment will cause heat, vibration, imbalances, shorter motor life and increased energy consumption. Great care is taken to properly align all motors. This will produce energy savings and longer life
• Bearing damage will increase energy consumption and may cause catastrophic failure.

MDL takes this same approach with every single electrical device in the client’s facility. From the transformers, lighting, air conditioning & refrigeration the same in depth approach is implemented by MDL technicians to completely understand our clients facilities before we start looking at how and what we should implement to protect our clients assets as well as make them more efficient. This approach is the cornerstone in what separates MDL from all other industry competitors and sets us apart and makes us the industry leader. This innovation will allow MDL to grow and set a trend in our industry which I am sure will be followed. MDL will continue to look for new and creative ways to improve our techniques, lower our costs to operate and improve our bottom line.

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