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(MDL) Motor Dynamics LTD offers targeted energy management services that enable companies to optimize their facilities and operations through strategic reduction initiatives. The company collaborates with clients to streamline their participation in energy management programs and monetize their energy reduction efforts. Motor Dynamics LTD services include:

(MDL) Motor Dynamics LTD uses unique intellectual property developed through years of electrical testing in large industrial facilities in many countries. Through this large database of information, we have been able to identify when certain power quality problems create inefficiencies and reduce the lifespan of our client’s electrical devices. Utilizing both this knowledge & sophisticated testing equipment, we can expertly show our clients what is occurring in their facility. 

Solutions are produced by applying our technical knowledge combined with one or more of our technically advanced products. This yields improved efficiencies and extends the equipment life for our clients. Longer life for all electrical equipment and the savings we create with lower electric bills provide the client an investment incentive. Typically, solutions realize a payback of less than three years and a 33% Return On Investment. 
Our range of services are:

• Power Quality Consulting.
• Predictive Maintenance Testing.
• Energy Conservation Services.
• Electric Bill Analysis.
• Refrigerant Analysis.
• Chiller Efficiency Analysis.
• Oil and Lubrication Analysis.
• Power Quality Metering.
• Demand Side Energy Management Programs.

Motor Dynamics, LTD is an Intellidyne Distributor.
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